How Artificial Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, and Account Based Marketing can Revolutionize your Business

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^^^ Is a link to a podcast by Bernie Borges of Social Media Today with Nate Skinner, Vice President of Product Marketing at Salesforce. Salesforce is revolutionary company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, and Account Based Marketing (ABM) to boost sales for businesses.

The podcast discusses what Salesforce does for its customers and how they are able to achieve such high results in a quick period of time.

Terms like AI and CRM and ABM can be intimidating but Salesforce extensive network makes using their platform very simple.

Salesforce is one of many CRM providers but has been named most inovative company of the decade by Forbes. So check out the podcast and thieir website with helpful demos on how to use their tools.

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10 Steps to Building an Organic Following on Twitter — Small Business Trends

Twitter may be free to use, but the platform definitely requires time to leverage correctly. Using Twitter to market your brand also requires a strategy. Start by building an organic following on Twitter with these 10 steps. Free Twitter Marketing Strategy Use Your Real Name in Your Profile If you put all the other pieces…

My first post about Using Twitter to market your small business got a lot of attention so here is another article explaining how to broaden your audience.

These 10 steps are simple and easy to implement even for beginning Twitter users.

via 10 Steps to Building an Organic Following on Twitter — Small Business Trends

Using Social Media For Small Businesses and Communities

I have compiled information from several sources to bring to you and overall outline of how a small business can maximize its presence on social media. I cover the 3 big social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as a brief look into Snapchat, and a look at some media management tools. I have also provided links to tutorials to setup these sites if you do not already have them and links to articles that will provide more in depth information about the topics. marketing on social media can be a daunting task but it used correctly can help improve sales and build your brand immensely. So check out the slid show and let me know what you think, Using Social Media For Small Businesses and Communities. 

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Using Twitter to Optimize your Social Media Engagement

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff is a business and technology writer and a contributor to She also runs Schiff & Schiff Communications, a marketing firm focused on helping organizations better interact with their customers, employees and partners.

In this article, “14 Ways to Use Twitter to Market Your Business” she describes some very helpful tips to use with Twitter. Twitter is a little different than more familiar social media sites, like Facebook, but can have advantages if you learn how to use it. The material is not technical but very easy to read, and is a great starting point if you have never used Twitter before.

Marketing Your Business With Instagram is great website for finding ways to market your business on social media. They post original articles daily, and discuss marketing on all social media platforms. This particular article describes 5 Ways marketers Can Use Instagram to boost their business. Check out the article and let me know if it was helpful in the comments.